Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just My Thoughts

Its been so long since I came to you all on a personal level. I have been a blogger since 2010. When I started this blog it was a journal for me that I never made private. I remember going to school and just sharing my experiences. I always been a giving and open person. My purpose for coming to you all today is to say "Thank You". OMG... you all have been rocking with me for years and it really does my heart good to know that people really care about what I have to say and the makeup that I use. As you all know that I recently started my YouTube channel and it took so much courage for me to start this channel. I always wanted to start a channel but I see so many You tubers get abused and so many negative comments being said that I got scared.

I finally got enough courage to step out and take a chance. I have so much that I am going to show you all show. I want you to see my daily struggle with my skin disease and my MRSA. Yes, I will do a blog video about my skin disease and how I control it. I am also going to vlog about my Adult braces and the struggles of it. I always wanted braces. This is the best decision I have made but I know that its going to be challenging.

I feel in my heart that after all these years as a blogger I owe you all more. I want to show you that life is real and things happen. Me being a blogger had lost its touch in my heart. I feel now that I can vent to you all and be happy as well. I'm going to show you all things that may scare you but its what I deal with on a daily basis. Are you ready? I am not perfect. I am so flawed. I suffer from acne. My bottom teeth are not correct (That's why I have braces) I have a Skin disease that effects my immune system and so many days I want to give up.

However, I have a family like you wouldn't believe. I have a mother and a mother in law who go above and beyond. I have two children who have seen me at my worst. My husband cleanse my wounds and keeps me together and a praying father who gives great wisdom. I am truly blessed to have a boss that's sensitive to my situation and understands my daily pain.

This blog post is my way of saying that even though "Makeup Tianna" no longer exist "Tiannalife" is going to show you so much more. I have a story to tell. My life is not perfect but its really. However, I will be getting back to blogging and really appreciating the audience that I have. You all could of easily stop reading but I'm so grateful that you have stayed. Remember this "Behind every beautiful smile is hurt and pain!" If you haven't please subscribe to my channel and let me tell you my story and show you want I love. Thanks for reading...

xoxo, Tianna


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