Saturday, June 23, 2012

Escada Marine Groove

I was just saying on twitter that I was looking for a summer scent. Well I think I found one. However I would wear it at night. This perfume has a woody citrus scent to it. I love the shape of the bottle as well. I have been a Escada perfume wearer for years. You can read about my favorite scents on a past post which included Escada Magnetism. I must say that this perfume will brightened up my night. I had a heck of a day at work. If you would like to order this and other products visit The shipping is great and arrived at a great time. I ordered on Monday and my package came Friday. I also recieved a Deborah Lippman polish as well and I will blog about that soon.
Xoxo, Tianna

Disclaimer: These items where sent to me for free. This is not a paid post however no one forces me to say anything about a product. I make my own decisions.

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