Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Boscia Clear Complexion Cleaser

I wanted to come to you all with a quic
k review on this great product I recieved from I got this product about two weeks ago and I am loving it. I stopped using my Simple cleanser to see what this product is made of. This is a deep conditioning cleanser that helps to
sturizer your skin and not leave that tight feeling that alot of facial cleansers do. I use this day and night and I have noticed that  my skin feels really soft and it looks alot bright to be honest. The cleanser gives a nice lather and does not irritate the face. I really recommend this product for those with all types of skin but especially to the ladies with dry skin. If you have oily skin you can use this too .

However make sure that you use a good toner afterwards and a great moisturizer. An example is Cetaphil and Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer. Let me know if you have tried this product out and please visit:  Boscia Complexion Cleanser

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