Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: Nude/Brown Polishes

I have been loving some nude and brown polishes right now. I used to be caught up on bright colors but since the season is starting to change so shall I. Alot of the polishes I get I eithier order them from off of ebay or I get them from CVS or ShopRite. I have nothing against Walgreens but CVS has spolied me. I feel like Walgreens don't do me any justice. Here is my thoughts on the polishes that are posted.

1. Deborah Lippman $20.00 I know the price tag might throw some of you off but to me its worth it. I wore this polish on my nails and it lasted me for a week. I also used it with Seche Vita top coat as well.  This color was made for Mary J. Blige and its called "No More Drama" You can get it here:

2. Milani Nail Lacquer: The name of this polish is called Teddy Brown, This is like a gray-brown. Its very corporate america. This is a great polish because it can be worn with any look. I paid $4.99 for this polish at ShopRite or you can visit

3.OPI: The name of this polish is called "San-Tan-Tonio" and this polish came out with there Texas Collection (Google it). I like this polish when I seen it on the models for Jason Wu fashion show. It looked great on everyone. I couldnt find this in the stores so I had to order it from Ebay. In total it costed me $8.00. Thats not bad for a OPI polish.

4. L'oreal: The name of this polish is called "Broadway Boogie" and its out right now in CVS. Its a limited edition color out of there "Nude Collection". This is a beautiful bone color and you do need 2 coats of this polish. The wear of this polish is 2 days. I'm not too happy about that but it is a great color non the less. This polish is $6.99

5. Wet n Wild Megalast: The name of this polish is called "Private Viewing". I have a love/hate relationship with these polishes. All tho I love this color and others I am not a fan of the brushes. They are really big and its hard polishing with them. It causes me to have to go back and clean up uneven spots. You do need to coats of these polishes but the wear on them are a week and thats including cleaning, laundry etc.

I hope that this post was helpful for some and let me know what colors you love and what are some of your favorite nude /brown colors as well. P.s. My nail bids are a mess now. I had tips on and you know how that goes.... :(

Xoxo, Tianna

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