Monday, October 8, 2012

Loc Update

Just wanted to come threw with a quick update on my hair. Last night I washed and roller set my hair. I can tell that it grew about a inch. I faithfully use JBC on my hair and I tie my hair with a silk scarf.  I also don't use any Sulfate shampoo's or conditioners because thats just my personal choice right now. I dont wanna say that I will never use them again because I dont know what the future holds. (PLEASE CHECKOUT PICS)

I know I post alot of picd with me wearing scarves. I like scarves because I dont re-twist often. I might re-twist once a month if that. Retwisting alot in the pass thinned out my locs alot and I didnt like that at all. When I do re-twist I use African Pride Oil (Sold at most Dollar Stores) and Shea Butter or Nature Blessings pomade and thats it. Nothing to heavy. Also, when I do wear scarves I do have a silk bonnet or scarf underneath just so that I am protecting my hair.

For those that are just starting out remember that hair does not grow overnight. This is a journey so just embrace every phase that your hair is going threw because it takes time. Make sure that you are keeping a balance diet and taking the nesssacary vitamins you need in order to maintain healthy hair! I'm actually excited to see what my hair is going to look like next August. I look forward to the change in length and texture.

Xoxo, Tianna

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  1. Love JBCO! It does wonders for my hair, keeps it soft and growing! Where do you buy your scarves??