Sunday, March 10, 2013

Very Pink

My weekends be mad busy especially when I am off. So many people want there makeup done and I love making money so that is what I shall do. In this look above I am using M.A.C Rushmetal pigment and it is a must. I suggest you go pick it up. 
I stopped by Sephora and finally tried OCC lip tars ( I am many moons late I know) I am in love with this color. Its called Nylon and it is perfect. Its a bright vibrant pink and I paired it with M.A.C Dazzelglass in Sugarimmed.  I also used M.A.C Full Fuschia blush that is so bright. You really have to use it with a light had or you can even use it as a eyeshadow which I do at times. In both pics I used the same foundation and products I always use.
 As you all know that I love thrifting. When it comes to thrifting some days are good and some days are bad. This whole outfit is thrifted.
Shirt/Ralph Lauren/Jeans/Ralph Laurem/Shoes/Liz Clairborne/Sweater/St. Johns Bay/Scarf/Gap
I wanna let you all know that I am in love with this new concealer by Milani Cosmetics. I seen it when I was in CVS and I was like " I should give this a try!" I am so glad I did. I paid $4.99 for it and it is well worth the try. I love it because it a subtle highlight without looking too standout ish. I am starting to get over the super highlighted and contoured look. I wanna look highlighted but I don't want the while effect. Especially when I take pics with flash photography. I do recommend this to you all. If you are makeup artist this is for personal use only. However, I do believe that they sell concealers in pots
Visit for more products. My reviews on this products is mines alone. This was not giving to me. I paid for this with my own money.  

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