Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rave: Shea Moisture Shampoo


Just a quick review on this product right here! So, after my road trip my hair needed some kind of love. My hair was dry and I heard great reviews on this product. I can honestly say that I love this shampoo.  I don't love the price but I was told that Target always has sales. I love the way it lathered and really moisturized my hair. Its been 3 days and my scalp has yet to itch. Now, in all fairness I have been moisturizing my locs with Coconut oil and Vatika oil. My hair needs a lot of moisturize and sealing. I can't go without oiling my hair everyday. Now, I am taking Hairfinity vitamins and I am going to update on that soon. I am going to be taking it for 3mos just to see how I like it. I am seeing other reviews on different vitamins as well that I might be interested in. I will keep you all posted. For now I am loving this shampoo and I plan on putting my other shampoos to rest.
xoxo Tianna

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