Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skin are Regimen 2014


I am in love with these products and what they have done for my skin. If you check my my first YouTube video you will see a lot of acne going on due to stress, bills and everyday life situation. I decided to check out because I heard so many great reviews and I also watched a lot of YouTube videos where people raved about it. I started the product at the end of February and I'm very pleased. I paid $20 for the size I have and I only use it on areas where pimples are forming. If you suffer from acne I suggest this product. I just recently founded out about "Thayers Wirch Hazel" from my Instagram page (@tiannalife) and I love it. They make a variety of smells and it doesn't burn my skin what so ever. It smells great and I also use it in a spray bottle 50% water 50% Thayers as a mist spray. 

To remove my makeup at night I use the Organic Coconut oil and Pampers baby wipes unscented. It takes me literally 3 minutes to remove my makeup and I love it. I don't wear makeup often. Just for YouTube purposes. However, when I so apply it I want to make sure that it's removed properly. Oh.... The Cetaphil!! I mean it's self explanatory. However, I use the before I apply the lotion. 

Well this is my updated skin routine. Watch the video to see it in action!!

xoxo, Tianna


  1. I'm so glad you posted this because I suffer from acne due to my pcos and I've tried almost everything so I thought...My skin is so sensitive so I have to be very careful so far the only thing that works for me when I'm consistent is proactiv but I'm really looking for something for the scarring/black marks but now I'm definitely going to give that a try

  2. Your so welcome and let me know how it works out