Monday, June 17, 2013

Girl... "Where have you been?"

I have been so crazy busy. Prom and wedding season is in full effect for me. My weekend schedule is hectic but I appreciate all the business I have been receiving. Lately I have been into very little eyeshadow. I have been focusing more on skin amd bronzer. I don't wear makeup a lot. People may think so but that's just only for social media purposes only. When I am home I barely wear it or I only wear ir when going to see clients. I will be posting some of my favorite products for the summer products soon in another blogpost. Lets get on with some of my face of the days:

In this pic I used M.A.C Day Gleam pigment with Texture eyeshadow blended in the crease. I have Occ Nylon and Candy Yum Yum on my lips. On my cheeks in M.A.C Gold Deposit. Lashes I am wear is M.A.C's #3 and #2. I also have Rimmel Scandel eyes pencil in water line. I will be discussing that more in a later post

In this pic all I am wearing is Milani black liner pencil which I absolutely love with Kiss lashes (Drugstore lashes which I believe CVS carries now as well)On my cheeks I am wearing Ruby Kisses Bronze Glow bronzer and Revlon Berry Haute lipstick
In this pic I am wearing M.A.C Patina eyeshadow with BrownScript and Saddle in crease. Lashes are by Kiss. I have Milani's liquid bronzer as a highlight and M.A.C Love Joy on my cheeks. I also contoured with Covergirl Queen bronzer
As you can see I only use a minimal of products. I am always on the go and cant use 5 to 6 eyeshadow on my lid. Plus my clients don't like a lot of busy looks. Plus when I show up to there house they either want a smokey eye or a neutral look. I hope this post helped you some and stay tune for some of my summer favorite products.
xoxo, Tianna

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