Monday, June 17, 2013

Tianna's Summer Favorites

Lately my makeup has been "Less is more!" I'm focusing more on skin and bronzer. My goal is to get to NW47 lol... I love deep skin with gold glistening on it. Its so pretty when the sun hits your skin with bronzer on. I've always been a CVS bronzer and lipstick kinda girl. I don't think that spending a lot on lipstick is need unless you are into that. I will spend a lot on certain products and companies that I know for a fact work for me and my kit. I test things out on me before it gets add to my working kit. I do spend a lot on foundations, concealers, color correctors and powders. Skin is important to me. Here is some of my summer favorites:

I am in love with this foundation. It photos great and it has buildable coverage. Its a water base foundation and I love that part. If you have oily skin please prime with this foundation. I find that I break oil with this foundation after about 7hrs. I do keep a blot powder with me or blotting sheets. That helps with oil. (Photo taken from

I love this powder

I use this powder alone or to set foundation. I do recommend that if you are using a cream foundation to blot off any access oil with a paper towel and then use this powder to set with.

Milani Body Glow

I checked the Milani website and I think that this might be discounted. However, Ebay and Amazon always have back up products for sale. I love this stuff because you can highlight with this and you can add it in lotion and lather it on the skin for a great glow.
I do enjoy these lipliners and they are great for those who don't want to spend a lot of money with high end brands. I like the way that these glide and the  color payoff. Milani also makes great lipsticks as well. Some of my favs are Orange Gina, Rose Hip, Violet Volt, Teddy Bear etc. Check the lippies out as well.

My new "Holy Grail" item for me. These eyeliners set to a matte finish and quick. The drying time is fast. I love the color range and I hope they add more. These are the Rimmel Scandal Eyes liners. They can be found at all drugstores.

I am a Candy Yum Yum fan. I know people are gonna say that there is dupes. I do have the dupes as well but I prefer the original and use the dupes when needed. I love the staying power of this lipstick and the color payoff. You can use this with a lipliner as well.
I love this brand of lashes and the wear as well. Some of the more cheaper brands lashes feel heavy on the lid after a couple of hours. These are easy to put on for those who have trouble with lashes. They are sold at CVS as well.
I hope this post helps and comment below and let me know what some of your summer favorites are as well.
xoxox, Tianna

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  1. I want to try face and body. I have never wear lashes. I want to try.