Sunday, July 28, 2013

Being Random

Monday I celebrate my wedding anniversary. Its a been a long year but I appreciate the life lessons that I learned so far. Anyways, I always said that I will always be M.A.C girl but Sephora has stolen my heart. I am in love with that store. I can stay in there and play all day. I am loving Sephora products a lot. Especially the lip stain which I am wearing in this photo right now. This is the Always Red #1. If you are going to wear lipstains then you must exfoliate your lips and they must be moisturized because these stains will make your lips peel. These are very long lasting and that's what I love. I don't like touching up lipsticks and it was only $12 
These are a must. I just might consider these a holy grail item. These can be used as concealers and foundations as well. A lot of my clients cant afford to pay $32 in foundations so I like to give them a cheaper alternative but still effective.  
I'm also working on my lighting system as well. I do my makeup in the bathroom or sometimes in front of the window for natural daylight. I have been stacking money for my new lighting system and I cant wait for it to come in the mail. The pic on the left is in front of the window and the pic on the right is in the bathroom. Bathroom light can have you fooled. NOT ME :)
In this pic I am wearing M.A.C Eyeshadow in Guilt by Association, lashes, Dollymix and Occ Nylon liptar with Candy Yum Yum
xoxo, Tianna

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