Friday, August 9, 2013

Loreal Magic Foundation

So, I decided to give Loreal foundation a try. I am a M.A.C , Ben Nye, Mehron kinda girl but at $12.99 a bottle that's not a bad price. You can purchase this at all drugstores and the color I used was 332.

Face: Loreal Magic Foundation, M.A.C Blunt to contour, and M.A.C Gold Depoist
Eyes: M.A.C Patina, Brown Script, Rule and Brulee as a highlight oolor
Lips: Occ Lip Tar (Wore off in this pic) Also I snapped this shoot about 10pm and the foundation did wear off a bit. I also had gotten oily about 7pm. Remember that I did not prime with this foundation so take that into consideration
Me personally I give this foundation 3 out of 5 stars. I like the price and the fact that its available to everyone in the drugstore. I don't like the color range. If you are NW50 and above then this foundation will not work for you. It matched me perfectly because I am alittle more tan right now .How ever,  I don't like that its doesn't cover your flaws well. I do have acne scars and about 4 hours into wearing it I seen my flaws peak threw. If you are a working woman or mother on the go who wants to throw on something quick and easy them this is the foundation for you. If you like a flawless makeup application that will last you all day then I suggest using a prime before applying this along with concealer.
I hope this review was helpful if you were looking to test this out. Let me know in the comment section of my blog your thoughts on this product if you have been using this. Can't wait to read your feedback.
xoxox, Tianna

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