Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mommy Time (Its okay to be selfish)

I used to think that being a mom I had to put my feelings to the side make it all about my family. Yes! My family is my top priority but I started to loose my own self. I forgot about me and my wants and needs. I used to not do my hair and neglect my wardrobe. I always had on sweats and sneakers. Lol... its so true!! One day while my baby was sleeping I just decided to run me a nice long afternoon bath and sit there until I got wrinkled. It was the most peaceful thing. The house was quiet and I cut the ringer off. From that day on I made it my business to take sometime out the day to do something for me and me only. Here are some of my favorite things:

Now, I know that Bath and Body works sells a lot of products but this Aromatherapy line is my favorite. I swear by this. Its like my all time favorite because the scent instantly puts me at peace. It calms my nerves a lot. I work in the medical field and I deal with a lot of BS so coming home and using this real does me good. I also use the bath salt, moisturize and candles.

I have to run me a candlelight bath atleast 3 times a week. I get home from work and my husband has it waiting for me right along with my LUSH products ( I will blog about that real soon)

Another way to relax and go to a nail salon for a mani and pedi. Personally, I like a salon where children are not aloud. I don't like seeing kids running around salons and tearing up the place. I feel like the nail salon is wear you get pampered and have peace a quiet. The salon I go to actually doesn't allow kids unless they are getting serviced. I love children but its a time and place for everything.

Anywho, make time for you. Find little ways to enjoy who you are. That way you can be the best mother you can be because you are in a happy place. If you need to make a crockpot meal and get you some extra hours of sleep when your baby is sleeping. On the weekends when your family keeps the kids or they go with the other parent I suggest you take advantage. Get your house in order, shop, sip a cocktail etc. Do what you need to do get you ready for the next work week. I know what its like to feel like you always gotta take care of someone.


XOXOX, Tianna

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