Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Photo Shoot


The weather here in NJ is so cold. You would think since I lived in the Tri-State area all my life that I would be used to the cold but I am not. I am so over the snow right now. We just got a couple of inches of snow and I just want it to melt already. Its cold and the wind is blowing hard and snowy. Anyways I had a photo shoot in Philadelphia right after the snow storm and I was obligated to be there because I had already committed to the project. That comes with being a makeup artist. Once you so sign on to the project you can't back out. Especially when money is involved.
I didn't travel with my normal case. I used my Zuca Pro backpack which really came in handy yesterday. I refused to carry around a heavy makeup case in the snow. This case was gifted to me years ago from my husband so I don't know the price. However, Google is your friend and you can also purchase this case from

 The photography had these great vanity lights that he installed himself and this vintage makeup case that I thought was amazing. I love photographers that pays attention to detail and also thinks about the clients needs as well. Those photographers are worth the amount of money they charge.
                                                    Here is me in action! Working.....
On the client I used a M.A.C pigment in a nude color and I also used my Naked 2 palette as well. For her foundation I used Black Opal and her Blush and Contour is Milani Chestnut Multitasker powder and Rose'D Oro blush. For her lips I kept it nude with Crème D'Nude by MAC and Enchantress gloss with Cork lip liner all by MAC. Lashes are custom using Beauty Supply store lashes.

Well, stay tune for more post like this and behind the scene pics as well. Let me know what you think about the new blog? She needed a new look and you can find me on all my social media websites easier now as well. Link up and add me as a friend too!

xoxo, Tianna


  1. I love this! I love seeing people displaying there passion! I always wanted to try the Zuca case so I will google it!