Monday, May 19, 2014

Red Lips

Anybody can wear a red lipstick. This is true but it's all in how you lay the foundation. Meaning if you have darkness around your lips or a 5'oclock shadow it's going to be even more pronounced. My point in this post is to let you all know that concealer is your best friend ladies. If you have any of the problems that I mentioned just lay down a color corrector in the color orange or even a orange lipstick and that my dear will cancel out the darkness. It's nothing worse than to see a woman with a orange or red lipstick on and your can see her darkness or mustache. Get into concealers ladies. Anywho, we must also base our lipstick colors with skin color undertones. If you are looking for a awesome respect lipstick I recommend Ruby Woo from MAC or Sephora 01 Lipstain. Personally, I prefer Russian Red or Lady Danger lipsticks. Checkout my tutorial and leave comments telling me your favorite lipsticks and colors.

Xoxo, Tianna

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