Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Unknown

Its been so long since I sat down and typed a open letter to you all. Some of you have been rocking with me for years. I am so appreciative of that. I mean you have seen me thorough the good, bad and ugly. To be truthfully honest as a blogger you do become frustrated with your blog. Sometimes you ask yourself: "Is it all worth it?" Since I have decided to become a beauty blogger for YouTube (@tiannalife) its so much easier for me to put up a video as to typing out a blog. I have been so undecided as to whether or not I want to keep my blog. I kind of feel like I lost my audience because I haven't been as active on my blog as I should be. "I'm just being honest!"

I have so much respect for those who do blog for a living. My hats are off to you in that aspect. When I decided to start my blog as you all know it was when I had just started makeup school and I was documenting my experience. It was a journal that I forgot to make private. It was not really meant for people to read. I never in a million years would think that someone would be interested in my blog. However as time went on a lot of my post have been deleted do to images going missing and it just didn't feel right to me.

Do I plan on keeping my blog? Only time will tell. I have mixed feelings as of right now. I feel like my Youtube channel has consumed me and it actually brings me some peace. It actually allows me to bring my blog post to life. I am a mother, wife, I work in the medical field and time is just not on my side. I can never diss bloggers because I am a blogger. How long I will be a blogger is to be determined.

Thanks for reading this post. Are you a blogger? What are your thoughts. Please comment below and lets chat

xoxo, Tianna

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