Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Are you Guilty?

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you all are having a good week. Just wanted to come in and say a quick "Hello". I have been working a lot and getting ready for the winter. They are predicting that the weather is going to be awful this year but they say that every year. I have been playing with some makeup lately and really enjoying the products I already own. That's why you don't see a lot of hauls from me because I own a lot of makeup so I am just going through my stash. One of my favorite eyeshadows is M.A.C Guilt By Association eyeshadow. Its so pretty on deeper skin tones. Its a must have in my opinion.

Check me out using it...
Also, I have been doing a lot of shoe hauling. I am a shoe girl and really enjoy buying shoes. Whether its for me or my family. Shoes and Coats are my thing. We all own so many shoes and coats. To me having a lot of shoes and coats is comfort. Growing up I wanted to rotate a lot of shoes and coats but due to my parents budget I was not able to do so. Now that I am older I am making up for that.

Checkout my video on shoes....

Really quickly before I go. If you are a company and you want me to do a review for you then please email me:


xoxox, Tianna

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