Monday, January 28, 2013

Where have you been?

August of last year I decided to change the way I looked. I got tired of being the "Pretty Big Girl". I didnt like what I seen in the mirror. I had refused to go up a clothing size and I wanted to be more healthy for my new husband and children. I wanted to lead by example. I put down the makeup brushes and started to walk on the treadmil. The first week it was so hard and I felt like I couldnt do it. I also changed my eating habits and started incorporating water in my life. I was always drinking juice and eating M&M's and that was a no-no. My acne was terrible. I was over that as well. I started taking in more fruits and veggies as well.

I'm happy with how my life is going so far. I take everyday one day at a time. I do go to  the gym atleast 3 times a week and I also do fitness training as well. Do I wanna give up some days? Yes but I refuse to let all this work go to waste. I know where I wanna be and I will get there soon. I trust the man ^stairs :) Remember that it starts with you. You have to want to do it. One day at a time....

Xoxo, Tianna

P.S I incorporated some images of my breakfast, lunch and dinner!


  1. proud of you babes now all you have to do is teach me how to blog!

  2. Great job this is inspiring