Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hair Fit

Lately I have been in a bad hair mood. I'm frustrated with my locs. To me I'm not really concerned about styles. I just want a healthy scalp. I changed my diet and I drink plenty of water. My scalp has been flaky and I don't like that. I haven't been happen with my last couple of hair salon experiences so I have decided to re-group and think about what I wanna do with my hair. I went and had a consultation about what my next and best option for me and my hair. I want someone who is gonna show me what I can do to maintain my hair as well. I can't get to the shop often because I work a lot but I have to stop doing that as well.
Also, in the winter time I focus more on keeping my scalp moisturize because here on the East Coast the air is very dry in the winter and can cause damage to the hair. As you know I have loc extenions and I refuse to shell out anymore money then what I already have. I actually wanna cut them out soon but "Mutha needs her length!" Last time I cut my extensions off I almost lost my mind
So, I been hearing and watching videos on this amazing product so much that I decided to order me a bottle and start a "Hairfinity Journey" I just ordered them so as soon as they come I will start. I have a couple of loc extensions that broke off in the front so I am going to base the growth on that. Speaking of the extensions broke off its weird because they broke of in a layer style. So, when people see my hair they think that I have a layer cut. Lol... gotta love hair. I am going to test these pills for 90 days and see what the benefits are. I'm also going to listen to the direction of my stylist. I'm pretty sure she is going to make sure I start back using the Jamaican Black Oil. Well this is me venting and getting out my "Hair Fit". I will be checking back with you all soon. I post so much about makeup that I forget about my loc peoples. More hair talk is in the future!!
xoxo, Tianna

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